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      Superior Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator With Filled Oil Gauge Aluminum

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      100% Brand New!!!

      Material: Aluminum

      Color: Blue

      Quantity: 1 kit

      Surface Finish: Hard Anodized

      Vacuum Hose Nipple: 4.5mm

      Pressure Adjustability: 2.0kgf/cm2-8.0kgf/cm2



      1.Select the appropriate fittings or nipple for the job prior to commencing with the job, have the required accessories handy for installing the regulator .

      2.If you will connect the  fuel pressure gauge to the screw plug on the fuel pressure regulator , it is best to wrap the screw with the teflon tape to properly seal the screw.

      3.The mounting bracket is then used to mount the regulator in the car.

      4.Connect the fuel piping connections.


      Package includes:

      1 x Fuel Pressure Regulator

      1 x Fuel Pressure Gauge

      2 x Fitting (AN6 1/8NPT)

      2 Nipple(#8 Straight 1/8NPT)

      1 x English manual    

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