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      Marine Fuel Pump Development

      Date: 2020-05-08 10:27:26        Clicks: 118

      Not suitable for fuel injection engines
      Both inputs and outputs are threaded - low pressure pump for carburetion engine only
      Low pressure pump. Operating pressure: 9psi-10 psi
      Replaces Mercruiser reference 861155A3
      Suitable for:
      1998 mercury fuel pump MARINE 4.3L 262
      2000 mercury fuel pump MARINE 5.0L 305
      2000 mercury fuel pump MARINE 5.7L 350

      Fits 4.3L / V6 and 5.0L / V8 Gen + MCM / MIE carburetors and some 350 ci.

      Please confirm that your old sensor cross reference number is exactly the same as ours before submitting this order !!!

      The key words of this article:electric fuel pumps
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