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      High Performance Fuel Injector CFI-CEV19 600g/min

      Date: 2020-07-03        Clicks: 162

      1. Is this a modified bosch injector?  Is the starting injector new or used?
      it is brand new designs fuel injector with high flow .

      2. What parts are changed… atomization plate? Injection valve? Other?
      changed : sealing structure , magnetic structure and material .

      3. What durability testing has been performed? 
      Durability testing of auto-switch turn on and off for one hundred fifty million times 

      4. What is the pressure range?
      300kPa-- 450kPa

      5. What is the voltage range?
      working voltage: 8-16V , rated operational voltage: 12V 

      6. What is the minimum pulse width?
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