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      How does a Fuel Surge Tank work?

      Date: 2020-07-04        Clicks: 250

      One of the most frequent questions we get is, how does a fuel surge tank work and how do you build an 

      aftermarket fuel system regardless if you are looking for 400 HP or 1600 HP? How do you set it up to

       make a stable fuel system for high power output in race cars of various kinds?

      We have put together all the answers and explanation in one place here to show you how to set up your fuel system.

      What is the purpose of a fuel surge tank?

      By using a fuel surge tank, you ensure that your engine always gets the amount of fuel that’s needed for 

      high power output in demanding conditions such as drifting, drag racing and track days. In conditions such as these, 

      where your car and fuel system will sustain high lateral acceleration loads for an extended period of time,

       it’s easy to starve the engine of fuel without taking the proper precautions to build a fuel surge tank setup.

      A fuel surge tank ensures that the fuel pumps constantly receive the same access to fuel, regardless of the action of g-forces in constant or variable direction.

      How does the fuel flow?

      To understand how the fuel flows in a modern fuel system with an integrated surge tank is the 

      cornerstone in understanding how to use a fuel surge tank and how it all fits together.

      There are several possible setups. Below are two options on using Nuke Peformance’s products. 

      The variations are endless, but they would all follow these same basic principles.

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