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      Fuel Injector Parts Vortec Clip CP-1432 for Inyector 17091432

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      Quick Details

      • Type: Fuel Filter,Other
      • Car Make: 17091432 Injector
      • OE NO.: CP-1432
      • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
      • Brand Name: CreditParts/CRDT
      • Model Number: CP-1432
      • Color: Black
      • Use: Fuel Injector, Inyector,Nozzle
      • HS CODE: 8421999000
      Packaging Details: Bulk package,500Pcs/Bag,10Bags/Ctn
      Delivery Detail: About 7 days after get your payment


      1).Fuel Injector Components 
      2).Fuel Injector Clip 
      3).Part Number:CP-1432 


      Application for: Fuel Injector  17091432 


      Our main business is fuel injector components includes micro basket filter,

      o ring,pintle cap,fuel injector spacer,fuel injector clip and fuel injector connector.

      Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about products information.


      Packing Details as below:

      500pcs clip put into a big ziplock bag

      Bulk package,500Pcs/Bag,10bags/Ctn
      Shipping Terms:
      In 15days after get your payment.
      Payment Terms:
      2.Western Union
      4.Credit Card Available

      Money back guarantee & Warranty

      If you get not satisfied with our products,

      you have the right to return within 1 years 

      and we will refund the complete amount within one week. 
      Besides of that you have a warranty of 1 years.

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